Saturday, November 26, 2011

Listen to the Legend

Dear Reader :]

Browsing through Youtube music recently and I saw a a link of John Legend's cover of Adele's Rolling in the Deep. I thought to myself "DAMN JOHN LEGEND, WHY YOU SO GOOD?!". He brings tears to my eyes and sends me to cotton candy heaven. Such a magical voice :">

Annnddddd.... one of my favourite songs...

Things could not get any better!

O_O SAY WHAAATTT??? why does every awesome thing happen in NYC?! :'(

anywaaaayysss... Happy Thanksgiving! :D i'm a bit late, aren't i? :(
Here's a picture of a turkey to make it up :)


Anyway, that's it for today :D
More tomorrow :] 

Peace out, much love, stay on the rush. Rawr!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Party at the Circle :)

Dear Reader :]

A couple of my friends and I had a get-together/belated birthday party for our friend. Since the prep time for the party was kinda short, they decided to have it at a park near the university my birthday friend goes to. This place is the Quezon Memorial Circle. It's a shrine for the Philippines' second president, Manuel L. Quezon. Oh the city IS named after him. It's kind of a park that everybody goes to because it's smack dab in the middle of the city and the atmosphere is just great. There's a nearby carnival, great restaurants and a playground for them kiddies. There is also a go-kart and bike rental place. It's in the middle of an elliptical road that has exits connecting to manila and other cities, so it's basically an easy access. Malls are just 5 minutes away BTW. :3

When the sun goes down, there is a night market, where people sell budget clothes and trinkets. It's a popular date place 'cause the fountains light up with beautiful colors and is in sync with the music played at the fountain area. It's such a breath-taking sight to behold.

Definitely had an awesome time. Oh and we ate some awesome pizza from Brooklyn Pizza. A slice of great kick-ass New York pizza! The White Pizza (Mozzarella, Parmesan and Ricotta Cheese) is muy delicioso! And the 18" is only for 600, and it made 10 people very happy.

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm :D

Check the menu here :)

Anyway, that's it for today :D
More tomorrow :] 

Peace out, much love, stay on the rush. Rawr!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not so super

Dear Reader :]

Was searching the net for some lols and I found this awesome site about Superhero memes. Brought me tons of lols indeed. :)) Check out some of my favourites;

okay, how awesome is that??!!!

Wondering if Gambit was a Casino Dealer before  he was a hero.

What sound would this batowl make?
 Something about Batman and cats make me say awww.

The BatCat

When Catwoman met Batman

Anyway, that's it for today :D
More tomorrow :] 

Peace out, much love, stay on the rush. Rawr!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby Overload

Dear Reader :]

Get ready for some cute babies! :D


How does he do that without getting his knee's hurt? hmmm. :p

Where does babies come from? Pumpkin patches? Storks? Nope, they came from watermelons. hohoho!

This is funny :3 whatta cute baby :)

Ngayahahahaha!!! :)))) XD

Replay buttons = raped O_O mwuhahahahaha!!

Anyway, that's it for today :D
More tomorrow :]

Peace out, much love, stay on the rush. Rawr!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finger Family

Dear Reader :]

I had my nails painted! :D wheeee!

Cute smiley nail family :3

It did hurt a bit coz the manicurist was a total idiot. >:p She hurt my finger :'(

But over-all I am happy with my finger family :D yey!

Anyway, that's it for today :D
More tomorrow :]

Peace out, much love, stay on the rush. Rawr!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Dear Reader,

I am now obsessed with moustaches. Lol. A friend of mine so loves his moustache, and after searching a couple of moustache pictures, it occurred to me that I am freakin starting to get addicted to fake moustaches!

Dammit. Every so often, I look up moustache pictures on google. Then I collect them in my moustache folder. And though a girl having a moustache is often frowned upon in a community, I stand by my dream of having a kick ass suave moustache. Why you ask? Well, because it's so damn awesome. THAT'S WHY!

Here's a moustache song by Mr. Weebl ;)

"My moustache was cut by lasers
Looks so sharp avert your gazes"

Well said Mr. Weebl, well said.

I found an awesome Danish artist named Jacob Engberg. He did a project on moustaches called Movies Made For The Moustache. Wherein he replaced words in famous movies quotes with the moustache symbol. Pretty dang sweet.

See more here : Movies Made For The Moustache

And did you know that there is an American Mustache Institute? No you didn't? Well, now you know.

LOLZ! There's also a website on beards. But it's not worth checking out. Some beards make a guy look good. But some just make them look like weirdos.

Anyway. I'm craving another Moustache filled adventure.

Until next time :)
Peace out, much love, stay on the rush. Rawr!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby, I'm back :]

Dear Reader :]

Whew! It's been a while hasn't it? Hehehe, it's not completely my fault. was down for a couple of days :3 Anyway, what can we talk about? :) Well, there is the release of The Lonely Island's new album :D Yeeeeyyy!! Which is called Turtleneck and Chain. :) Twas released on May 10 :) I have yet to see one here on the shelves of our local music store :(

I lurrveee these boys ♥
For those of you who live under a rock, and don't know these awesome folks. They are writers/actors for Saturday Night Live. Andy Samberg (middle) is a mainstay on airtime while the two Akiva Schaffer (left) and Jorma Taccone (right) appear every now and then :) But they all write awesome jokes and make awesome songs :D Memorable ones are:

I'm On A Boat (featuring T-Pain)
Favourite line: "eff trees i climb buoys mffeerr":)))

I Just Had Sex (featuring Akon)
Favourite line: "she put a bag on my head - still counts!" :)))))

Like A Boss (featuring Seth Rogen)
Favourite line: "LIKE A BOSS!" :))))))))))

And the song that made me fall in love with Lonely Island,

Lazy Sunday (featuring Chris Parnell)
Favourite line: "SNACK ATTACK MFFEERR!!" :))) Chris Parnell RULES!!

Sorry the vid quality sucks (i just got it from youtube, and this is the best one)

Okay okay, so sometimes their songs don't make sense or it's full of swears and bad words. But hey, they are catchy :) Sometimes it's not about the lyrics but by the way it is sung :]
If you don't like it then don't listen to it. Tsss. Hater gon hate!

Anyway, that's it for today :D
More tomorrow :] Okay so maybe not more tomorrow 'cause I'mma be on vacation, yeesss my vacation is juusstt starting :( Procrastinator :))) But soon, trust me soon >:))))
Peace out, much love, stay on the rush. Rawr!