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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Dear Reader,

I am now obsessed with moustaches. Lol. A friend of mine so loves his moustache, and after searching a couple of moustache pictures, it occurred to me that I am freakin starting to get addicted to fake moustaches!

Dammit. Every so often, I look up moustache pictures on google. Then I collect them in my moustache folder. And though a girl having a moustache is often frowned upon in a community, I stand by my dream of having a kick ass suave moustache. Why you ask? Well, because it's so damn awesome. THAT'S WHY!

Here's a moustache song by Mr. Weebl ;)

"My moustache was cut by lasers
Looks so sharp avert your gazes"

Well said Mr. Weebl, well said.

I found an awesome Danish artist named Jacob Engberg. He did a project on moustaches called Movies Made For The Moustache. Wherein he replaced words in famous movies quotes with the moustache symbol. Pretty dang sweet.

See more here : Movies Made For The Moustache

And did you know that there is an American Mustache Institute? No you didn't? Well, now you know.

LOLZ! There's also a website on beards. But it's not worth checking out. Some beards make a guy look good. But some just make them look like weirdos.

Anyway. I'm craving another Moustache filled adventure.

Until next time :)
Peace out, much love, stay on the rush. Rawr!