Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rice and Roll

Dear Reader :]

IRRI field, check it!
Last Wednesday a couple of my friends went to International Rice Research Institute   in Laguna, Philippines. We went there for lunch, since our school is just a stones throw away from it (we go to University of the Philippines Los Baños). They serve kick-ass meals there and since it is a rice research institute, the rice is cheap. I recommend the Pork Adobo, the potatoes are cooked to soft perfection. 

Iced Latte and Blueberry Cookie
They also have a cafe. Not that cheap, if you're on a student budget, but so worth it. Prices range from 50 pesos and up. I don't drink coffee (pure coffee) cause it's too bitter for my taste. So I just ordered an iced latte, which was a bit bitter. Their sugar is kinda cool too, they gave me some kind of water in a little cup. I didn't know it was syrup so at first my expression was like "what the hell?". LOL! I also bought an Apple Pie with Ice Cream and a Blueberry cookie. :) Yum Yum! Too bad I didn't enjoy the pie that much. (It had cinnamon, I hate cinnamon.) 
Apple Pie with Chocolate Ice Cream
Sugarrrry sweeet

They also had a little pond outback, and a beautiful landscaped garden. Kinda Japanese themed garden, the kind you would wanna get a book and get cozy under a tree. And the field out front is so beautiful!!  :]
My brother getting cozy
at the field.

Also, I had toooooo much fun and toooooo much sugar that I got convinced to roll on the grass. Okay, I'm the one who suggested to roll on the grass o_o"
Hahahaha! Here's my crazy grass rolling video!

Wuhahahahahaha!!!! FUN FUN FUN!! XD 
Actually, it wasn't fun afterward. I got red itchy rashes!! I immediately took a shower after getting home. Thankfully they went away :) 

By the way, I'm updating my deviantart profile so check it! -> Kewl drawings!
Go Go Go!

Anyway that's it for today :D
I might not be able to post tomorrow since I'm busy for a couple of final exams, damn >:(
Hmmm...  more soon :]

Peace out, much love, stay on the rush. Rawr!

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