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Monday, April 11, 2011

500 miles :D

Dear Reader :]

I just finished watching a How I Met Your Mother episode.
It's the "Arrivederci, Fiero", the 17th episode in the 2nd season, it's the episode wherein Marshall's Fiero is in the shop and is about to be sleeping with the fishes.  LOL :)) Sorry I watched The Godfather again :3 I love that movie! erhmm. Anyway. They keep repeating this song called 500 Miles by The Proclaimers. A song in which after the first time you hear, you will be pissed. But then after 30 minutes, it will be stuck in your head and you will be singing it.

Here's the song :

And here's Marshall and Ted's version.
Totally nailed the last part :D
Anyway, me and my brother, we're totally board. And we had a 500 Miles moment. Even though we weren't walking or driving. We we're actually just sitting on our computer, and suddenly he starts playing 500 Miles on his guitar. Who could not resist singing PARAPA! PARAPA! PARARARARARARARARA! LOL!

Hahahahaha!!! Sorry, I'm not a great singer, my brother is though :)
But, sorry if we hurt your ears... and eyes :))

Anyway, that's it for today :D
More tomorrow :]

Peace out, much love, stay on the rush. Rawr!

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