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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Dear Reader :]

I really don't know what to post lately. OMG! is the Blog Block coming back :O hahahaha. I hope not :P
Anyway, remember the last time, when I posted a video about a dub of Rebecca Black's Friday? Well the guy who does the voice, Brock, is back with a new video! This time it's those adorable talking twins, Mafia twins :D

Hahaha! Leg! XD classic. He kinda sounds like Fat Tony from the Simpsons, who is voiced by Tony Montanga. Kick ass :)

Also another video I found funny is from College Humor. I loveeee Batman and I just thought this was funneh!

You guys should subscribe to them coz they are soooo funny :)

Of course, there would be no funny if there was no FUNNY OR DIE :D
Check that out too :)

Anyway, that's it for today :D
More tomorrow :]

Peace out, much love, stay on the rush. Rawr!

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